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About Sepehr gas Kavian

Sepehr gas kavian With more than fifteen years of efficient activity in the gas industry, and the advice of its experts in the field of pressurized gases, the holder of the IMS certificate, the test laboratory and the calibration laboratory, is proud to use the new management system and the experience of experts in the field of pure gas production, gas mixtures (gas mixtures or mixed gases), calibration gases and laboratory gases with high purity to meet the needs of various industries.


-Production and supply of all kinds of high purity laboratory gases with ISO17025 certificate
-Production and supply of gas mixtures, calibration gases and standard gases in percent, ppm and ppb with uncertainty and ISO17025 certification
-Calibration of all types of gas analyzers
-Testing of industrial and laboratory gases
-Calibration of all types of gas detectors
-Production of reference calibration gases
-Designing and manufacturing manifold pallets of gas cylinders according to the standard
-Supplying all kinds of valves and cylinders under pressure
-Supplying cylindrical, linear, panel regulators, etc. from the most reliable international brands