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Calibration laboratory

Calibration laboratory of Gas measuring devices is a place that is used to adjust and determine the accuracy and accuracy of gas measuring devices. In this laboratory Gas measuring devices are calibrated and adjusted using reference and standard gases to provide us with a correct measurement of gas concentration.
Sepehr gas kavian is a calibration laboratory of different kind of analyzers and detectors with ISO17025 certificate.
In Sepehr gas kavian calibration laboratory at first, reference or standard gases whose exact concentration is known are used. These gases are usually provided to the laboratory with different concentrations. Gasometers are then calibrated using these reference gases.
Sepehr Gas Gaviyan laboratory is managed by expert and experienced persons who have technical knowledge and standards related to this process.

Calibration of analyzers

Calibrating analyzers is the process of adjusting and adapting analyzers to specific standards and values. Analyzers are devices used to measure and analyze chemical, physical or biological compounds in samples. Typically, analyzers require periodic calibration to maintain the accuracy of their measurements. The calibration process of analyzers includes the accurate comparison of the values ​​measured by the analyzer with valid standards and applying the necessary corrections. These corrections include adjusting the parameters of the analyzer (such as applying the conversion factor, correcting errors and calibration coefficients) to maximize the accuracy and precision of the measurement.

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Calibration of detectors

Calibration of detectors is also used to maintain accuracy and measurement accuracy in analyzers. Detectors play a key role in detecting and analyzing compounds in samples. The main goal of detector calibration is to adjust and adapt them to standards and specific values ​​to maintain the accuracy and precision of measurements.