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Test laboratory

Test laboratory of pure gasses and mixed gasses is a place that use for analysis of feature and properties of different gasses. This laboratory use advanced equipment and technology for Conducting tests and accurate measurements about Gaseous compounds.
Test laboratory of pure gasses and mixed gasses are used in different industries such as oil and gas industry, chemistry, processing of metals, medical and environment.

Purity test

The gas purity test is a process by which the purity percentage of a particular gas can be determined. This test is performed to check and guarantee the quality and purity of gases in various industries such as electronics, medicine, chemical and space industries.

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Combined gases test

Combined gas test or mixed gas analysis is a process used to identify and measure different gas compounds in a sample. These tests provide information about the chemical composition and amount of different gases present in a gas sample.

Some of combined gas tests technique
 1.Gas Chromatography
 2.Gas Absorption Analysis
 3.Electrochemical Analysis